Peer Review

Peer Review is a process that offers those in the industry an opportunity to examine the terms and definitions that have been crafted and approved by the LIST Council, prior to their addition into the Professional Locksmith Dictionary. When making the definition of a term, the Council applied the following rules to the term:

1) Is the term listed in “Webster”?

2) Is the definition there the same meaning used in our industry?

To the Council, “Webster”, means a typical pocket dictionary, which could be obtained easily and on short notice from any grocery store, which has a pocket book display or any online standard dictionary such as If the answer to either of the questions above was no, the Council felt the term must be in our Dictionary, otherwise it was common usage which anyone could define.

The responsibility of the LIST Council is to define industry related terms. It is not to act as the Dictionary Police. It is not the Council’s directive to decide if it likes or dislikes a term. Many terms in “Webster’s” may be objectionable but they still must be defined. Nor is it the Council’s intention to decide when a term should be used, how it should be used, or if it should be used. That is up to the discretion of the reader. It is the Council’s responsibility to define a term that is in use or has been in use in the most effective way possible. Thus, Peer Review must also ascribe to those principles.

Because there is generally more than one term in use from one geographic area to another, the Council established the most popular term, which most closely describes what it means as the “primary” term to be defined, unless it has different opposing definitions. All other terms with the same meaning become secondary terms. With that established, the definitions have to meet the following rules:

1) It must describe the subject of the term without graphics

2) It must describe ONLY the subject of the term

3) The term should not be used in the definition when practicable


Our last Peer Review of 09/17/22 has ended. You will find the terms have now been added to the official LIST Council Dictionary. Thanks for your support.

You will find the newest Peer Review terms & definitions (02/06/23) listed below:

Depth and Space Data – n. a numerical designation used by some key machine manufacturers which correlates to a key bitting specification

DSD – abb. Depth and Space Data

Full Size Interchangeable Core (FSIC) – see Large Format Interchangeable Core (LFIC)

TD – abb. Trigger Device

Trigger Device – see Internal Relocking Device

*wafer tumbler – n. 1. a flat tumbler which must be drawn into the cylinder plug by the proper key so that none of its extremities extends into the shell 2. a flat, usually rectangular tumbler with a gate which must be aligned with a sidebar by the proper key 3. a flat tumbler which must be drawn into the cylinder plug and has a gate that must be aligned with a sidebar by the proper key

*Existing LIST term/definition for Review