Peer Review

Peer Review is a process that offers those in the industry an opportunity to examine the terms and definitions that have been crafted and approved by the LIST Council, prior to their addition into the Professional Locksmith Dictionary. When making the definition of a term, the Council applied the following rules to the term:

1) Is the term listed in “Webster”?

2) Is the definition there the same meaning used in our industry?

To the Council, “Webster”, means a typical pocket dictionary, which could be obtained easily and on short notice from any grocery store, which has a pocket book display or any online standard dictionary such as If the answer to either of the questions above was no, the Council felt the term must be in our Dictionary, otherwise it was common usage which anyone could define. There is an Appendix at the end of the Dictionary and the Council has also provided a listing of Designations and Titles you may encounter as used in our industry

Because there is generally more than one term in use from one geographic area to another, the Council established the most popular term, which most closely describes what it means as the “primary” term to be defined, unless it has different opposing definitions. All other terms with the same meaning become secondary terms and are only listed in the appendix. With that established, the definitions have to meet the following rules:

1) It must describe the subject of the term without graphics

2) It must describe ONLY the subject of the term

3) The term should not be used in the definition

Below are the current terms/definitions to be Peer Reviewed for inclusion. If there is a technical objection, please use the FEEDBACK option found below or on the Home Page.

TERMS: In Progress for Peer Review Presentation soon

DEADLINE for Review: TBD