Who is the LIST Council?

The Study Group and LIST Council Members have included:


  Jerome Andrews *Vaughan Armstrong
  Jimmy Benvenutti *Greg Brandt
  Breck H. Camp *Casey Camper
*Joe Cortie *Bobby DeWeese
*+Billy B. Edwards Jr   Ken Ehrenreich
  G. L. Finch   Ralph Forest-Ball
*Dorothy Friend   Kristine Gallo
  Ray Hearn   A. J. Hoffman
*John Hubel   Wiegand Jensen
*David J. Killip   Mike Kirkpatrick
*William M. Lynk (Chairman)   Gordon S. Morris
  Dan Nicholson   Brian O’Dowd
  Don O’Shall *Jon Payne
  Lloyd Seliber   Sharon Smith
  John Truempy   Roger Weitzenkamp
  Jym Welch *Tyler J. Thomas
*John Soderland *Bill Mandlebaum
*Indicates current participating members

+Indicates Past Chairman

William M. Lynk, CML, CPS, ICML, CMIL, CAI, M.Ed, LIST Council Chairman

Billy B. Edwards, CML, Past LIST Council Chairman; LIST Council Historian

John K. Hubel, CML, ICML, CMIL, M.Ed., LIST Council Public Relations Ambassador & LIST Peer Review Coordinator

Tyler J. Thomas, CRL, CJIL, CMKA, LIST Council Web Site Administrator